Terms And Conditions

How to place the order

  1. Place order in our Shop – due to restrictions on international medication shipping we are unable to sell more than 3 pcs per order.
  2. Don’t forget to fill all the fields in Checkout section for billing and shipping, it will speed up the process.
  3. We will contact you by email with details related to your order such as: stock availability, private courier shipping fee, payment details.

How to pay for order

  1. Make your payment in full according to selected channel of payment.
  2. Once your funds are cleared to our account we will process shipping.
    • Bank transfer – up to 2 business days
    • Card payment – up to 4 business days
    • Bitcoin – up to 2 business days

How we do the shipping

  1. Standard courier – if you select standard courier shipping its likely to be completed by DHL Express, FEDEX, SME Shipping, Aramex or other company. Your package will be discreetly packed.
  2. Private courier – if you select private courier service, your order will be delivered in person; it is expensive as it it’s require real person to fly with your purchased goods. The big advantage is that you skip any issues related to documentation needed by customs and tax office in your country.

Important information

We are not responsible for any additional documents or fees required by relevant authorities in country of destination. Tax and custom clearance are beyond our control. Any requests and/or decision of tax and/or customs authorities in destination country are not reason to cancel, amend, refund, exchange the order.

For clearing purposes we will provide:

  • invoice
  • payment slip
  • medical certificate