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What is HIV

HIV is a virus that in time after infection destroying the human immune system. If left untreated, after a few years HIV infection becomes AIDS. That is a stadium of infection where the immune system is unable to respond properly for viral, fungal and bacterial infections.

How to control HIV infection

HIV is controlled by lowering the number of virus in the blood. Taking antiretroviral medications (ARV) throughout a whole life lets people living with HIV have a long and healthy life.

How to prevent HIV infection

HIV is mostly transmitted through unprotected sex (sex without a condom). PrEP medicines prevent HIV transmission, even if you have sex without a condom with a person living with HIV. The best way to keep consistency is to take PrEP every day.

Remember – always consult your doctor before and during ARV and PrEP treatment. Test regularly for STD as PrEP protect only from HIV.

Our services

Now you can order PrEP and ARV online, select a convenient method of payment and shipping. Our unique offer is private delivery – which is an extremely valuable option for any person who wants to stay anonymous and avoid any disclosure to authorities. In some places private drugs importation is forbidden, in some places living with HIV or wanting to be protected from HIV can cause personal troubles and unnecessary questions.

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