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Control your HIV infection.

ARV for HIV treatment

Antiretroviral – called ARV or ART – are used in HIV treatment. HIV treatment reduces the amount of HIV in your body and helps you stay healthy. There is no cure for HIV, but you can control it with HIV treatment.

The aim of HIV antiretroviral treatment is stop progressing infection to AIDS stage. AIDS is the last and most dangerous level of HIV infection. Untreated HIV always leading to death due to immune system damage and occurrence of rare cancers, opportunistic infections, etc.

How to take ARV safely

You can take ARV for HIV treatment only after doctor consultation with diagnosed infection and assessed health conditions. You should never self medicate with ARV and always control your status. Successful treatment will lead to undetectable HIV status. That means that you will be safe in terms of health condition and you won’t be infectious.

Remember – always consult with doctor before and during your HIV treatment.