HIV 24 Net Services

HIV 24 Net Services

HIV 24 Net offers customers a solution to prevent and treat HIV infection.

  • PrEP – a medicines recommended for people who want to prevent HIV infection and/or are at increased risk of HIV infection.
  • ARV – a medicine used to treat HIV and AIDS infection. It does not cure but it stops progression and harm done by virus to immune system.
  • Order and shipment by DHL Express.
  • Order and delivery by personal courier.

What payment form is available in HIV 24 Net store

  • Bank transfer in EUR (international)
  • Bank transfer in AUD (domestic from bank account in Australia)
  • Bank transfer in USD (domestic from bank account in USA)
  • Credit card online
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrencies

Steps to complete the order with payment

  1. Place your order for HIV meds
  2. We will contact you back providing available form of payment based on your details and availability.
  3. Make a payment as requested.
  4. We will inform you when payment is cleared to our account.
  5. We will begin shipment/delivery process.

Once payment is completed we do not apply any additional fees. Be aware that tax and customs may be added to clear your shipment. It is beyond our control.